Designed for the IoT

The conventional method of deploying thin access points tied to central controllers is breaking down under the load of BYOD and mobile applications. Exacerbating the issue are new wireless standards, such as 802.11ac, that can deliver 3-5 times or more than that of 802.11n speeds.

Affordable, Built to Last, Easy-to-deploy, Maintain and Upgrade so Your Wi-Fi Network Can Grow with Your Needs

Designed for real-time demands

The only scalable – right sized – Wi-Fi specifically designed for the real-time demands of an all-wireless world. As mobile devices continue to support 5GHz band, the radios in Xirrus platforms can be configured to simultaneously operate in 5GHz band – One Click Performance Boost –

Easy to use

The Xirrus platform combines powerful hardware and software into an easy to use solution that delivers the best value and performance in the industry.

Modular Capacity

Simply Add Modular APs to Add Capacity —Adapts to Your Business From 2 to 16 Radios Only Xirrus Delivers —Right Sized Wi-Fi

Predictable Application Performance

Predictable Application Performance —Prioritize Critical Apps – Zero-Touch Provisioning and Configuration —Xirrus Cloud or on premise— BYOD, fast and EASY WI-FI access for any devices (including IoT) — Xirrus EasyPass —

With just a few clicks and no IT involvement, guests can self register and employees can self-onboard to your company’s Wi-Fi network from any personal device with little to no technical knowledge required without need for deploying certificates or installing applications on personal devices.
Additionally, no hassle effort for IoT devices on-boarding.


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