The ERA-ERP platform is a modular and customizable software application for allocating resources to medium and large companies for ALL INDUSTRIES that understand that business excellence begins by defining coherent strategies based on the right choice of processes, implementation and, most importantly, their monitoring.

“Cost savings, customizable, easy to understand, easy to use, no risk to the seller, no hidden costs, no high prices.” “ERP business software solutions for all industries.”

Architecture has been conceived by studying the daily work of several companies with different international business models.
In addition to other popular vendors, platform customization provides a logical and user-friendly understanding for all company employees without the need for a long-term readiness and accommodating process as a new way of working.

Another important aspect of a logical architecture, as described above, is the very short process of document / process processing, which is the driving factor for increasing work productivity, translated into a company’s increased profitability.

Enterprise Resource Planning: VISITING depending on the requirement of your business flow, DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, MOVE current date, TRAINING for your staff, MAINTENANCE and SUPPORT.