Troubleshooting WLAN WiFi poor performance – adapter workarround

Sometimes especially on WiFi high density environment and crowded RF spectrum (eq WiFi hotspot, WiFi for Enterprise environments) connected clients may experience poor performance connectivity especially for Windows devices capable only to work on 2.4 Ghz band.
Like best practice it’s must recommended to check:
– WLAN adapter model, driver version and driver date. If not like last version present on device manufacture support site, proceed to upgrade!
– Adapter properties (if any vendor management software installed) “WLAN Properties” > “Power Management tab” > “Allow the computer to turn off this device” should be not selected.
– Microsoft support sites.

For last option, currently Microsoft recommend to adjust Power Options to prevent poor Wireless performance for WiFi hotspot environment. Obviously, this should not exclude WiFi WLAN for Enterprise infrastructure.
The power setting on the adapter should be set to “Maximum performance” per this KB:

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Poor performance example: