Why Software Programmable WiFi Radio – Part # 1


Based on today number explosion of WiFi capable devices, implementation of Wireless infrastructure running on 5 Gz band become a must.
Many schools’ and Universities, large venue centers and even small organization who sit on a business centers are affected by poor performances.
Why? Because RF spectrum it’s “finite” and basically we talk about a “time-share” communication channel where one device should wait for other device connected to same resource to finish his conversation before to start a new one. Resource mean a radio of an WiFi access point (2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz capable). To mininize “waiting time” the only way it’s to increase device “connected bandwidth”.
Wireless  2.4 Ghz band offer only 3 non-overlap channels (1,6.11) who can be used to accommodate all devices instead of more then 20 for 5 Ghz.
So, we have to consider a lot of interference for 2.4 operating devices who basically will degrade user experience.

Almost today mobile devices (tablets, laptop’s , phones etc) from “respectable” vendors and even OEM manufactures started to include dual band capable adapter to avoid already crowded 2.4 RF spectrum for WiFi environments.

Many vendors offer fixed radio AP’s configuration equipped with both 2.4 and 5 Ghz radio but ideally it’s to run a WiFi radio software programmable capable WiFi infrastructure to be ready to accommodate current and future devices density and requirements.

Xirrus, is first vendor who offer software programmable radio’s 802.11ac capable Access Point and Array. Contact us for details.